Glenfiddich Rich Oak 14 year Old Single Malt 700ml

Glenfiddich Rich Oak 14 year Old Single Malt 700ml - Buy
Scotch Whisky
The most unique Single Malt, delicately finished in a selection of brand new American and Spanish oak casks after being patiently matured for a term of fourteen years. The extravagant use of untouched Spanish oak casks is a first for Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Alive with flavour, these new casks require precision handling by the Glenfiddich Malt Master to deliver just the right amount of extra flavour, creamy vanilla, a supple toffee sweetness and spicy oak with layers of ripe summer fruit, creating a rich and engaging, complex Single Malt.
Glenfiddich is little changed since 1886, when William Grant and his nine children rolled up their sleeves to build the Glenfiddich Distillery with their bare hands. These same silent warehouses and steamy mash rooms still produce the most favourite Single Malt in the world today. Glenfiddich use the highest quality Malted barley and a single source of soft, crystal clear water, the Robbie Dhu springs, hand crafted to the exact same process that the Glenfiddich Distillery's ancestors used more than a hundred years ago. Even the modern day copper stills have been crafted as faithfully as possible to the original, every original bump and dent faithfully reproduced lest the flavour should be affected
Rich golden colour. A complex harmony of fresh fruits and spice, followed by vibrant vanilla and rich dried fruit. Hints of freshly sawn wood, raisins and apricot. With time, some softer toffee notes appear, alongside caramelised pear and gentle fragrant floral aromas. Rich and sweet vanilla palate with a silky texture and elegant hints of fruit. Mouth tingling and spicy on first tasting. The flavour becomes deeper and richer with time and has a subtle nutty character. Lingers for a long time on notes of warming, spicy oak
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