Delord Bas Armagnac 700ml 1982

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Cognac Brandy
Established 1893 in the superior appellation of Bas-Armagnac, the Delord vineyards grow Colombard, Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche grapes. The distillery itself is in the village of Lannepax, the ancestral home of the Delord family. Distillation, the most essential and fascinating stage in the production of Armagnac, takes place at the beginning of November through to the end of December. Antique Sier Armagnac alambics, ancient stills which the DeLord family wouldn't part with for all the gold in the world, produce less than thirty litres of Eau-de-vie per hour.
It was Prosper Delord, a travelling distiller, who initially fell in love with the magnificent eau-de-vie of Armagnac. In 1893, he founded the house of Delord that became the Armagnac Delord Brothers, when his two sons Gaston and Georges took over the alambic still and followed in their father's footsteps with the same passion for Armagnac. The Delord cellars house an inventory of treasured vintage Armagnacs, hundreds of precious oak barrels, stocks of ageing Armagnac Eau-de-vie from years long past
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