Old Pulteney 21 Years Single Malt 700ml

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Scotch Whisky
World Whisky of the Year 2012 by the prestigious Jim Murray's Whisky Bible. Scoring a record equalling 97.5 points out of 100, it is only the third time that a Single Malt has ever won the hotly contested award, only the second Scottish distillery to do so. Old Pulteney is matured in prior use bourbon oak, further seasoned by spirit from sherry, mostly dry Fino, bearing casks. The crucial difference is that the sherry casks are coopered from American oak. This adds another layer of complexity, depth and character to this singularly stunning Single Malt Whisky.
The seamen hau'd the herring ashore, the filleting girls aw dripp'd wi gore, Oh what a sight to see in old Wick town, as the polis men closed aw the pubs down, For the fishing boom had attracted the worst, the dregs of humanity with one big thirst, Ten to a room they crammed thi gether, disease was there whatever the weather, For Pulteneytown was a wild wild place, wi aw the worst of the hale human race, A dry town wi' a working distillery, where aw the drunks were put in the pillory! Old Pulteneytown was established to house fishermen during Wick's herring boom. The most northerly Distillery on the Scottish mainland, Old Pulteney sits in the middle of the town and has been producing the finest Malt since 1826
Golden amber with straw highlights. Full bodied with traces of fruits, apples and pears, fragrant with spicy overtones. Sweet to start with a light fruitiness, hints of honey and vanilla followed by a lingering, dry finish
Old Pulteney
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