Sun Masamune Go Shu Blue Premium Australian Sake 720ml

Go Shu Blue Premium Australian Sake 720ml - Buy
Australian Sake brewing commenced in 1988 when Sun Masamune, owned by Konishi Brewing Co of Itami Japan, alongside the Australian Rice Growers Co-operative, began testing a small plant at Leeton New South Wales. In 1996 Sun Masamune started commercial operations at a purpose built facility at Penrith near Sydney. Konishi, renowned in Japan for their Shirayuki brand, have combined their 460 years of brewing expertise with the latest in sake production technology to create high quality and palatable Ginjo Sake in Australia.
Sun Masamune is Australia's first and only Sake brewery, set against the majestic backdrop of the Blue Mountains. Go-Shu Australian Sake is a pure rice wine that respects the traditions of the finest Japanese Sake. Sake is brewed like a beer, but is served enjoyed like a fine wine, frequently used for cooking, it is a key ingredient for many Japanese recipes. Sun Masamune combine pure water, centuries of experience and state of the art technology with high quality Australian medium grain Japonica rice grown to Murrumbidgee and Murray River Basins, to produce the finest possible Sake
Transluscent, pale rice hue. Aromatic with light spice, stonefruit an nashi scents. A delicate, fruity middle palate, extra smooth with a light, drying finish. Excellent with sushi, fresh seafood and all modern, fusion styles of cuisine. The Japanese characters for Go Shu mean Australian Sake, phonetically Australia in Japanese, an entirely appropriate double meaning!
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