Glenrothes Malt Tumbler Gift Pack 700ml

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Scotch Whisky
The first pure spirit flowed from the stills at The Glenrothes distillery in 1879. Ever since inaugural release, The Glenrothes has won and retained universal acclaim as the most exceptional Speyside Malt. Only a small number of vintages have ever been released, such is the outstanding quality required. Each vintage is, by definition, rare and finite. Each has its own unique personality. Of the Vintages produced to date, many are no longer available. They've been sold, imbibed and enjoyed by fine spirit enthusiasts everywhere around the globe.
The Glenrothes Malt Master has assembled an edition which typifies the distillery house character, ripe fruits, citrus, vanilla and hints of spice. A non vintage vat asembled from casks of different years, produced to the same high quality standards as The Glenrothes Vintage selections. Over the years, Glenrothes has won many awards, including double Gold International Spirit Challenge, the competition's highest accolade. Such is the quality of Glenrothes, the finest of exceptional Speyside Malts
Pale gold in colour. Bouquet of American oak, vanilla and coconut, with the mearest hint of apricot and plum. The palate is full and malty, medium sweet, with vanilla and orange zest lingering on the intensely flavourful finish
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