Van Diemen Tasmanian Vodka 700ml

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Van Diemen Distillery belongs to a special order of oddities. Their status in the Australian distilling industry is something akin to the black sheep, unabashedly peculiar and driven by all manner of bizarre and whimsical notions. Van Diemen have an inkling this has something to do with their place on the map, Van Diemen's Land, now known as Tasmania. Mother Nature saw it fit to wrench Tassie from the mainland. While the rest of the world busied themselves with an industrial revolution or two, Tasmania remained pristine in its isolation.
In Tasmania, the air reaches a purity unattainable anywhere else on the planet. Time unravels at a snails pace. Pristine rain water collected from the zenith of Cape Grim, in the remote north east falls abundantly. Van Diemen Distillery owes its namesake to this untainted and often eccentric isle. In keeping with tradition, the premier grain wheat, is selected to make pure Van Diemen spirit. This wheat, with its refined, fragrant bouquet is ground into coarse flour and submerged in hot water which spurs the malt into action, converting starches into sugars and fledgling dreams into reality. This spirit is then cut with pristine Tasmania rain water from Cape Grim, the purest water in the known world
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