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Crafted to an ancient recipe which dates back to the Benedictine monks, who founded San Clemente a Casauria Abbey in A.D. 1100, on a site very near the current Enrico Toro distillery. An intensely flavoursome Abruzzo spirit, infused through a maceration of native aromatic herbs picked from bespoke locations along the Majella and Morrone mountains. It's distinctive colour, nose and warm afterglow are derived purely from the natural ingredients. A sensation when enjoyed neat, Centerba 72 also makes the most delicious corretto.
Casauria Distillery is situated against a scenic background of mountain gorges and rivers, very near the town of Tocco da Casauria and Rome Pescara motorway between the pay tolls of Bussi and Torre de Passeri. Enrico Toro aim to take advantage of the most up to date developments in liqueur production while adhering to traditional distillation techniques. The process and ingredients always remain the same, handed down from father to son. All the spices and aromatic herbs which play a role in the making of Centerba 72 are well known for their unique qualities. The ingredients are brewed in traditional kettle stills to achieve a fine balance of flavour and optimal extractions throughout the maceration
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