Gordon MacPhail Smiths Glenlivet 700ml 1974

Scotch Whisky
Gordon & MacPhail have held long standing arrangements with the finest of Speyside Distilleries, to age and bottle precious stocks of the most renowned Scottish Malts. Uniquely labelled and bottled under license, this exclusive range of old vintage Whiskies, represents an opportunity for the discerning enthusiast, to experience historically significant editions of rare Highland Malts. Smith's Rare Glenlivet was treated to maturation in a selection of Sherry oak casks, before filling to a unique bottle under distinctive labelling, for an extended term of bottle age.
Glenlivet can trace a long tradition of illicit Whisky production, which predates unofficial establishment of the Distillery in 1817. George Smith was a Highlands crofter who leased property at Upper Drumin Farm from the Duke of Gordon for the express purpose of distilling contraband Malt. Gordon didn't mind a dram or two of Whisky but he insisted on lawful practice. He employed a combination of carrot and stick, legislating the Excise Act of 1823, he encouraged Smith to apply for license and assisted in the legitimate development of Glenlivet as one of Scotland's great Distilleries.
Dark amber colour. Fragrant, fresh rose petals and cut grass, a heavilly fragrant nose. Burst of vanilla and ripe soft fruits emerging, warming chilli spice, a sweetness emerging. Peppery edge on the palate, a touch of aniseed, hints of creamy butter evolves. Soft fruits and vanilla notes comes to the fore, a lingering subtle sweetness follows.
Gordon MacPhail
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