Glenfiddich 125th Anniversary Malt 700ml

Scotch Whisky
An historic representation of Glenfiddich Speyside Malt, as it would have been made and ultimately would have tasted in the days of Glenfiddich founder William Grant. In 1887, when the first Glenfiddich flowed from the still, barley wa malted in kilns over furnaces fuelled with dried local peat, imparting unique smokiness. The unusual depth and smokiness found in Glenfiddich 125 Anniversary Edition are the result of a unique accord between peated Glenfiddich Malts matured in American oak casks.
Golden barley hue. Rich aroma with an abundance of fresh fruit notes, zesty marmalade and spice all enveloped in peat smoke. A deep, oaky flavour with rich vanilla oak notes intertwined with a complex smoky character. Smoked fruits and woody spices before a rich lingering finish of slightly dry smokiness.
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