Old St Andrews Pink 47 London Dry Gin 700ml

One of the world's most satisfying and engaging top shelf Gin, de rigueur for enthusiasts of the finest spirit. A bespoke accord of botanicals from all corners of the globe, Tuscan juniper and Moroccan coriander, Saxon angelica roots, Spanish citrus and almond, Italian orris root and Chinese liquorice, Vietnamese cassia bark and African nutmeg. The final distillation infuses Pink 47 London Dry with captivating complexity and a rakish rose diamond hue, the Gin of choice for extraordinary cocktails and the most memorable Martrini.
Alluring rose diamond hue. A wonderful bouquet, with piquant spice and exciting fresh herbal notes. Unique and complex palate showing an array of crisp and complex flavours before a memorable, compelling finish without the slightest trace of harshness.
Old St Andrews
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