Suntory Yamazaki Distillers Reserve Single Malt 700ml

Scotch Whisky
Shinjiro Torii established Suntory in 1923. His vision was to create a Whisky filled with the essence of indigenous Japanese nature, hand crafted to the highest artisanal standards. He ultimately succeeded in formulating a refined yet complex Whisky which would appeal to the delicate Japanese palate. One of the few Whiskies in the world that's intended for the dining table, the uniqueness of Yamazaki Malt is due in no smalll part to the influence of the Distillery's pristine natural surrounds in the Vale of Yamazaki near the ancient imperial city of Kyoto.
According to Japanese traditions and folklore, the Vale of Yamazaki is the cradle of Senno Rikyu, the Master of The way of Tea. Famous since ancient times as Minaseno, it is a place where the Katsure, Uj and Kizu rivers meet, where water and mountains host an abundance of diversity in flora and fauna, where unique terrains and scenic vistas offer the damp mesoclimes which are ideal for aging Whisky and fine Malt in precious Mizunara oak casks. From the pristine environments within the Vale of Yamazaki, comes a delicate yet profound experience of Japanese Single Malt.
Bright deep gold in colour. Strawberries and cherry nose, Mizunara Japanese oak characters. Raspberries on the palate, white peach flavours and touch of coconut richness. A clean sweet vanilla finish, lingering on a length of cinnamon notes.
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