Dunedin 21 Years South Island Malt 700ml

Scotch Whisky
A pure, South Island Single Malt, crafted from exclusively New Zealand barley, at Willowbank Distillery in Dunedin, aged in a selection of American Bourbon oak casks for twenty one years. Willow Bank was established in the 1970s with a view to capturing all that was clean and pure about New Zealand's South Island, in an artisanaly crafted, limited release Single Malt, to rival the finest in the world. An exceptionally rare, unique and beguiling dram from the southernmost Distillery to ever operate.
Available in cases of 3
Case of 3
In 1997 the final stocks of Malt were filled to cask and Willow Bank Distillery ceased operations. Hundreds of barrels of Whisky and Malt were auctioned off or sent to an old airplane hangar. for storage. These precious stocks remained undisturbed until recently, when a passionate group of Malt enthusiasts acquired the remaining barrels and brought these fine old Whiskies to the world. Raise a dram to the dedicated Baker family of Dunedin, who left us a timeless but diminishing inventory of the most engaging and unique new world Malts.
Deep amber hue. Mature nose, showing subtle campfire smoke, fruit and drying grass notes. Peat, fruit and nut flavours, a sweet Malt palate supported by light oak characters, delicate fruit and light vanilla notes. A silky, lightly delicate oak finish, lingering on a length of cereal sweetness.
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