Ardbeg Perpetuum Islay Malt 700ml

Scotch Whisky
Happy birthday Ardbeg, two hundred years young, the finest, most charming and characterful of the world's Malts, patiently matured in a hand chosen selection of pre loved Bourbon and Sherry casks. Characterized by its luxurious creamyness and powerful complexity of apple banana perfumes, Perpetuum's gripping palate is filled to the brim with the flavours of the Islay countryside, its seaside and fauna. Worryingly drinkable and appealing to all enthusiasts, put plenty away for years to come, it will continue to narrate twice told tales of its passage through time.
The inhabitants of Islay had been enjoying the effects of strong wines and aquavitae for many years before Ardbeg distillery was established. As Ardbeg's popularity grew, so did the community of workers and their families. Attempts to suppress the unruly islanders with a heavy malt tax could not deter illicit distillers and smugglers operating around Ardbeg's rocky cove. Despite the tremendous popularity of Ardbeg throughout the world, the Distillery itself experienced fluctuating fortunes, closing in 1981. With the reformation of The Ardbeg Committee, it is almost assured that Ardbeg will be enjoyed for generations to come and that the distillery doors will never close again.
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