Grants Ghosted Reserve 26 Years Whisky 700ml

Scotch Whisky
A suitably rare and exclusive expression of Lowlands Whisky, assembled from a blend of two painfully precious Malts from Distilleries which are no longer in existence. Ladyburn and Inverleven were two Hiram Walker Distilleries which closed in 1975 and 1991 respectively. A mere three hundred dozen have ever been made, Ghosted Reserve has been treated to the highest praise by international connoisseurs and industry press, conspicuous for its refinement and exquisitely balanced complexity, opulent, layered yet graceful and refined.
Deeply golden hues. Tropical fruit characters, barley notes, malted grains, spices and oak. Honey and treacle characters, cinammon, almonds and vanilla oak, candied citrus peel and cake flavours, a briny dryness and warming finish of clovey honeycomb spice. A highly polished finish, all elements in astonishingly fine, decorous balance.
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