Courvoisier XO 700ml

One of the world's most revered Spirits, Courvoisier XO is a luxurious blend of the finest old Cognacs. Its evocative perfumes have evolved over the course of two decades, the perfect balance of intensity and elegance have been achieved through painstaking maturation under the warm Cognac sun, within the historic humid warehouses along Charente River. Double distilled from the four finest Crus of Cognac, Courvoisier is matured in the most precious oak casks, coopered from an ancient bequest of oak tress in the Limousin region of France.
Essential to the luxury of Courvoisier XO is the extended term of age in barrels of Limousin oak. When a cask designed for ageing Cognac is freshly coopered and toasted, it gives off an aroma of fresh bread, as flames caramelise the natural sugars in the oak. This gives younger Cognac distinct notes of vanilla and caramel, but gradually over decades, these intense characters soften into delicate crème brûlée notes. The magic of Courvoisier XO develops over time, as the complexity of the Cognac and infusion with oak become as one.
Tawny amber hues. Exotic vanilla and crème brûlée nose, candied orange and iris flower, all come together to excite the senses. An evolution after the extravagant maturation, delicate sweet flavours of candied orange, cocoa and espresso notes, winsome fresh florals and evolved rancio, candied raisin and butterscotch richness, an endless finish.
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