Courvoisier VSOP 700ml

The making of Courvoisier is focused throughout every stage of the process, at infusing the utmost elegance and palate richness. Only the finest wines of Cognac are considered for inclusion. Distillation on gross sedimentery lees is a complex and meticulous part of the technique but it imparts VSOP with a luxury and excellence that are the hallmark of Courvoisier. Crafted and assembled with an intricacy and attention to detail which are without peer in the art of fine Spirit making, its sublime jasmine, peach and toasted almond complexity are a signature of the timeless VSOP style.
Dark treacle hues. Peach fruity and musk notes, evocative jasmine notes conjure the soft, luscious perfumes of iris flowers. Toasted almond from the age in fine oak, cocoa coffee and sweet, caramelized mandarinn flavours, preserved citrus and almond crusts. The exquisite aromticness and generosity of palate engage the senses, a long lingering refined finish.
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