Metaxa 7 Star Brandy 700ml

The exquisite charm of Metaxa evolves over time, as precious stocks of fine Muscat Brandies slowly age in an extravagant selection of French Limousin oak casks under the Metaxa estate cellars. Only when the maturation is complete, does the Brandy Master assemble his eaux de vie with the pick of ripe Muscat wines, a choice parcel of rose petals and a bouquet of bespoke Mediterranean herbs. The fine art of Brandy making, an indulgence for the fine Spirit enthusiast and a highly distinguished marque of uncompromising excellence.
Dark amber, golden hues. Elegant, warm and fruity bouquet, intense Muscat and ripe peach notes, dried prunes, carob and herbal honeys. Balanced, textural palate, warm and pleasantly spiced, with notes of fire honey and black raisin. Velvety throughout, with a pleasant finish of lingering black raisin richness.
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