Montenegro Vecchia Romagna Brandy 700ml

Cognac Brandy
The Brandy of the Medici, distilled from stocks of Vina Trebbiano di Romagna, patiently aged in fine oak casks under the Montenegro estate cellars. Established 1820, Vecchia Romagna continues the tradition of refinement and excellence, it remains Italy's most exceptional grape Spirit, labelled with the merry visage of Baccus. A sophisticated inclusion to top shelf Brandy based cocktails, sublime in a snifter, the perfect accompaniement to good espresso, chocolate puddings and rich, flaming desserts.
Dark amber hues. Nose of dried apricot, honey and vanilla, mocha and spiciness. Complex palate of preserved citrus characters and coffee bean, cinnamon and honey spice, balanced and full bodied, its supple background oak provides a framework of white chocolate vanilla richness, gentle, seamless and harmonious, a long drying, fruit filled finish.
Cognac Brandy
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