Nant Port Cask Single Malt 500ml

Scotch Whisky
The world's purest and most pristine Malt, distilled from a wort of the finest local barley, brewed with a water that winds its way down to the millpond from River Clyde, all fed by a million year old glacial lake in the Tasmanian Highlands. Traditional pot still distillation and an extended term of age in a collection of small, well seasoned oak casks which have held vintages of fine old Port, make Single Malt of peerless excellence and seamless complexity, extravagant richness and immaculate, beguiling charm.
Deep hues. Rich and inviting nose, raisons and cinamon, syrup and liquorice characters. Complex palate of sultanas and ginger biscuit nut, buttery caramel tones evolve, festive cakes, dates and spicey warmth. Refined oakeyness on the finish, aromatic oil and butterscotch complete a long, generously complex Malt.
Scotch Whisky
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