Talisker 57 North Isle of Skye Malt 700ml

Scotch Whisky
Cask strength at 57%, distilled on the remote and rugged, windswept crags of the fifty seventh parallel. Crafted through techniques which are unique to Isle of Islay, the brewing barley malts are stimulated by an intricacy of pipes which concentrate and intensify the character of the finished Malt. Unabashed and untamed, an unadulterated expression of Talisker's power, volcanic and intense, offering the structure and weight of fruit that would appeal to aspirants demanding an ultimate experience in full flavoured Malt.
Golden hues. Clean and intense nose, the light smoke of a struck match, explosive, smoky and intense, balanced by fruit, hints of seaweed, heather blossoms and vanilla. A creamily textured toffee palate, sweet with smoke on the middle, evocative of the the raw volcanic power of the island's Black Cuillin mountains.
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