Evan Williams Single Barrel Straight Bourbon 700ml

Bourbon American
Evan Williams was a Welsh migrant who made a homestead in the Kentucky Hills. He became a farmer and builder, harbourmaster, inventor and civic leader. Despite rules forbidding the drinking of Whiskey at political events, Evan Williams always brought a jug of his finest. You could say that he put the party into politics. Each year the Evan Williams Master Distiller selects barrels that meet his exacting standards, each bottle is marked with the date it was put into oak, along with the year it was bottled and the serial number of the single barrel whence it is drawn.
Delicate amber gold hue. Dark caramel, sweet oak and charred wood nose. Lush and spicey palate, lined with honey flavours and supported by tasteful oak, developed fruit flavours, pectins and caramelled zests, apple and orange notes A long, relaxed, graceful finish, lingering on a feast of candied peel and drying fruit characters.
Bourbon American
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