Kilderkin Scoundrel London Dry Gin 700ml

Distilled in a doublet of handmade Hobart pot stills and brewed in Ballarat, Kilderkin are the first liquor works to operate in the sovereign hills for a century. The moniker Kilderkin denotes a small eighteen gallon oak cask, traditionaly employed for spirits and ale. One of the world's very few Distilleries to produce limited editions of barrel aged Gin, Kilderkin craft the Scoundrel to the timeles London Dry styling, infused with juniper, coriander and a tally of bespoke botanicals, with a view to engaging the most discerning fine Gin enthusiast.
Crystal clear. Nose of juniper and coriander, balanced with intrigue from the grains of paradise, green and brown cardamom, cinnamon verum with accents of fresh citrus. A well balanced, textural and perfumed, classic London Dry style of Gin, distilled to the highest standards, smooth to the palate, beguiling to the nose, an exceptional white Spirit of superior length and flavour.
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