Botobolar No Preservative Red CONFIRM VINTAGE

Shiraz Pinot Noir Mudgee New South Wales
Preservative free Dry Red, Shiraz and Pinot Noir sourced from Botobolar's Organic Vineyard at Mudgee. A truly delicious wine full of flavour, a great choice for the health conscious wine consumer! Botobolar's commitment to minimum input during the winemaking process preserves the natural flavours of the fruit. The twenty-two hectare site established in 1971 is Australia's oldest organic vineyard, the vines have always been grown organically without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.
Available by the dozen
Case of 12
Growing grape vines organically in balance with the environment, not demanding too much from them or the soil, hand picking and pruning, and creating handmade wines all combine to deliver to you, good value premium organic wines. Botobolar's organic dryland vineyard is famous for its rich and spicy red varieties. This bit of earth delivers some of the best grapes in the district. Old vines and organically grown grapes, hand picked fruit crafted into immensely flavoured wines. Botobolar wines are made in accordance with organic growing and winemaking principles and certified by the ACO, Australian Certified Organic.
Colour is a deep purple with a rose rim. Floral aromas with a nice sweet spice nice, more redolent bouquets of fig and pepper, jellied apple and dried currants. Sweet berry fruit dominates, the tannins are light on their feet, dancing around the palate and skimming over the tongue with refreshing mint and rosey characters. There's a funky twist on the finish, as the wine delivers ju-juby flavours of liquorice, wine gums, banana-like elements from the Pinot, and an exceptionally pleasant applejack acidity. A big fruit driven wine with soft tannins and great mouth feel, the Botobolar is built to enjoy with any cuisine.
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