Morris of Rutherglen Liqueur Tawny Port 500ml

Morris of Rutherglen Liqueur Tawny Port 500ml - Buy
Shiraz Grenache Mataro Rutherglen Victoria
Trophy for Best Tawny Rutherglen Wine Show and 3 GOLD Medals. The fifth generation Morris Winery has been a leader in fortified wine production as witnessed by its staggering swag of wine show trophys and awards. The Liqueur Tawny Port is a sublime wood aged Grenache Shiraz Mourverdre. The wine develops rancio character with ageing in casks and barrels over many years. A very attractive port with plenty of wood and fruit character.
The grape varieties Shiraz, Grenache and Mataro are allowed to remain on the vine until high sugar levels and an intense concentration of flavour develop. After crushing, fermentation and pressing the young port is fortified with a low strength spirit (as opposed to other fortified styles that are fortified with high strength spirit) to add more complexity to the wine. The young wine is then placed in oak barrels and casks for several years to develop, before blending and bottling. Alcohol 18% Baume 6.3 Acid 4.4g/L pH 3.57.
Medium depth tawny and red hues. Lovingly deep aromas of sweet tobacco leaf, a heady vapour of nutty liqueurs and bouquet characters of citrus and Christmas fruitcake. Ripe fruit, complex with some rancio character. A full flavoured palate with a dryness on the finish from the oak and spirit. An excellent Tawny Port showing good wood ageing, and the judicious use of spirit. This teamed with strong fruit characters, results in an easy drinking port style.
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