Morris of Rutherglen Liqueur Muscat 500ml

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Muscat Rutherglen Victoria
Trophy Best Muscat Royal Melbourne, Trophy Best Muscat Rutherglen and 5 Gold Medals. The world-acclaimed Morris Liqueur Muscats are produced from Brown Muscat which is a clone of the Muscat aux Petit Grains Rouge (Muscat with small red berries) grown at the Rutherglen vineyards.
One of the finest and most interesting wines in Australia are the Morris Muscats. The unirrigated vines rely on natural rainfall. When very ripe at 16–18 baume, the grapes are hand picked, crushed and fermented on skins for 24 hours before draining and pressing the juice. The wine is topped up with spirit, and the fortified Muscat is matured in large oak casks ranging in size from 1,500 to 4,500 litres until blending. When blending occurs many different vintages are used in order to give lusciousness, richness, age and freshness. Alcohol 18.
Brown amber. A rich bouquet with intense varietal Muscat fruit with a touch of rancio complexity. Rich luscious flavours with a hint of wood dryness. This Liqueur Muscat exhibits the aromatic fruit character and luscious flavour of ripe brown muscat grapes, resulting in an excellent dessert wine with mouth filling flavour.
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