Penfolds Great Grandfather Port CONFIRM VINTAGE

Shiraz Grenache Mourvedre Barossa South Australia
Christopher Rawson Penfold planted vines on the slopes of Magill, very shortly after colonization in the year 1844. Today, the historic bluestone cellars are home to the new world's longest and most distinguished tradition in fortified wine. A highly special blend of the finest and oldest components of Grandfather Tawny are assembled from time to time. While articulating itself as being of a very great age on the palate, Great Grandfather offers an incredible intensity of flavour. Vibrant fruit flavours merge with aged rancio complexity before a finish of extraordinary length.
Inaugurally released in 1994, Great Grandfather is Penfold's best of the best, each year a strictly limited amount is made available. A multi vintage, multi regional assemblage of the finest Australian Shiraz, Mourverdre and Grenache, which have been treated to the ancient Solero system, as barrels are moved through a process of elevations, topped up regularly as the angels take their share. Great Grandfather relies on a fuller spirit for fortification and extended maturation in small, old oak barrels to achieve remarkable complexity, peerless balance and exquisite finesse. Great Grandfather Tawny is Penfold's rarest wine, a mere thousand bottles are released each year. Alcohol 19.0%
Dark mahogany colour, olive green hues. Extremely intense and complex nose, toffee and raisined fruit, malt aromas, nutty aged rancio and vanillin oak. The palate expresses great age and marvelous intensity of flavour, richly textural, a velvety wine of viscosity and immeasurable length. Perfect harmony of rich developed fruit flavours, aged rancio complexity and a gently drying spirit finish.
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