Paul Osicka Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 CONFIRM 2006 VINTAGE

Cabernet Sauvignon Heathcote Victoria
Paul Osicka had the vision to establish vines in the parched sandy soils of Heathcote's easterm precincts during the 1950s. His closely husbanded vines are deliberately trained to very low yields, ensuring the berries are smaller and more intense in colour and flavour. Osicka adheres to strict organic principles, shunning the use of herbicides, insecticides or irrigation. A highly respected local identity, he retains access to the finest parcels of Cabernet Sauvignon in all Heathcote.
Paul Osicka is one of the longer established wine producers in Heathcote. Due to the close proximity of the Graytown Box Ironbark State forest, it is common to find all manner of native animals amongst the vines, including wallabies and kangaroos, emus, lizards and echidnas. Osicka himself is hands on throughout the entire experience, he personally selects the most lavish new oak to age his precious wines.
Berry red colour. Currants and cassis, vanilla and cedar notes. Big, bold and beautiful, laden with intensely perfumed fruit flavours, bramblerry and dark currants sing, chewy, textural with hints of mineral and fragrant oak, a perfectly balanced Cabernet Sauvignon supported by a length of fine, terra rosa tannins.
Paul Osicka
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