Cleanskin King Valley Merlot 2013 CONFIRM 2013 VINTAGE

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Merlot King Valley Victoria
The higher altitudes of King Valley yield harvests of the finest, slowly ripened fruit. Spring runoffs and retentive terroirs nourish the soils and stimulate the vines to infuse maximum flavour in the grapes. Merlot is an outstanding performer in the high country, taking full advantage of the cool climes to develop fully the rich fruit esters and refined, velvet tannins. Crafted by one of King Valley's stellar achievers and representing salient value, a generously complex yet exquisitely balanced Merlot wine of bespoke King Valley eloquence and remarkably elegant styling.
King Valley made the transition from tobacco farming to producing world class Merlot vintages, piquant tobacco notes still resonate on the nose and palate of the region's wines. The terraces and undulating aspects of the high country form a myriad of mesoclimates, picking of grapes is carried out on different days to a schedule determined by each separate parcel of vine. Following harvest and the crush, musts are inoculated and vinified in a combination of fermenters to achieve a fruit filled, velvet textured Merlot wine. Batches are racked and filled to a selection of new and seasoned oak barrels for a term of maturation before assemblage into the finished wine.
Scarlet red colour. Complex berry fruit nose, cherries, cocoa and carob, currants and plum. Chocolateyness on the palate, bramble and licorice characters with a touch of herbaceous, tobacco notes and high country mint. A great mouthfeel delivering excellent balance, its refined tannins and juicy plummy fruit lingering long and lasting on the cleanly fragrant finish.
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