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Muscat Murray Milawa Victoria
Zibibbo is a delightful young Muscat with modest levels of alcohol that's bursting with bubbles and summer fruit. A festive sparkler with magnificent flavours and a clean stylish finish, Zibibbo will add a sense of celebration to any occasion. Enjoy Zibibbo with food as it's a great match alongside desserts or fruit platters, hors d'oeuvres and cheese. Without food, Zibibbo is the choice sparkling wine to refresh any relaxed get together and to toast every happy occasion, it makes a refreshing after dinner drink and is the perfect aperitif.
Brown Brothers have pioneered and developed many of Australia's distinctive styles of wine. They have been fashioning wines from Muscat for generations and are amongst the nation's most adroit handlers of this eclectic varietal. Viticultural experts have identified at least two hundred different members of the Muscat family. Several clones have been cultivated in Australia for as long as grapes have been grown here. Zibibbo is made predominantly from Muscat of Alexandria grapes, harvested to ripe and healthy levels of natural fruit sugars. Zibibbo is tank fermented in the manner of it's Italian counterparts and bottled soon after the secondary fermentation is completed with an alcohol of 6.0%
A light straw colour. This wonderfully fresh wine exudes lifted aromas of passionfruit and melon. Grape filled perfumes and essences of citrus, candied peel, citrus and jelly. A raisiny palate with sweet and dry florals, nectarine with lemon pavlova, creme brulee, grapefruit and milk bottle. Zibibbo is a synonym for the Muscat of Alexandria grape. The Romans are believed to have given the grape its name as they found its distinctive aroma akin to that of musk, and hence called it Moscato - smelling of musk.
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