Turkey Flat Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 CONFIRM 2012 VINTAGE

Cabernet Sauvignon Barossa South Australia
Vinified from fruit grown to the historic, hundred and fifty year old Black Flat Block, an intensely varietal Cabernet Sauvignon, infused with the edifying eucalypt characters from thickets of old gums that grow along the creek bed. Planted to a cool, shaded shallow gully, the mixed alluvials and dark, fertile Biscay clays of Black Flat Block, yield a quality of Cabernet that's as eloquent as it is unique. Highly articulate with the characterful herbaceousness of an exquisite site, Turkey Flat offers the complexity and grace to match with caramelized foie gras or the finest wagyu.
The highly prized Black Flat Block Cabernet is grown on the banks of Bethany Creek in a small picturesque vineyard surrounded by graceful gum trees. The ancient vines are planted to a single parcel on the river flat near the cellar door where they thrive on deep soils without the need for irrigation. The intense, concentrated fruit have made Turkey Flat famous the world over. Full bodied and intense, a fine, even, structure and chalky ripe grape tannins, as enhanced by extended maceration on skins. Fermented at 18°C to 26°C for two to four weeks on skins, followed by transfer to a high proportion of new French oak barriques, for completion of malolactic and twenty months maturation. Alcohol 13.5%
Deep black red hues. Aromatics of red and black currants, juniper berries and red pepper, cedar and subtle tobacco notes. A long, lingering palate of blackberries and red capsicum, wood spice and wild fennel, over a length of fine, firm tannins. Black Flat Block will evolve in the glass, forming minarets of remarkable chocolate Barossa fruit complexity.
Turkey Flat
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