Yarra Ridge Chardonnay 2012 CONFIRM 2012 VINTAGE

Chardonnay Yarra Valley Victoria
One of Victoria's most reliable producers of distinctive regional wines, Yarra Ridge design a crisp, golden delicious Chardonnay with prominent varietal fruit flavour, fine structure, persistence and length. Yarra Ridge was an early instigator of the fruit forward Yarra Valley Chardonnay style and has been a staple on fine dining menus across Australia for decades. Ongoing developments in viticultural management and refinements in the vinification have achieved a consistent wine of character and charm to accompany all good faire.
Yarra Ridge collate harvests of Chardonnay grapes from choice Yarra Glen sites, fully mature vineyards husbanded by some of the Yarra Valley's most devoted growers. A diversification of soils and aspects, altitudes and mesoclimes yield fruit with a panoply of complimenting flavour profiles. Favourable terroirs combine with moderate Yarra Valley weather patterns to create the perfect growing conditions for Chardonnay. Irrigation is applied sparingly to maintain balanced vine growth and a steady rate of development. Intense flavours in the grapes are encouraged through a balanced leaf to fruit ratio for even ripening. The end game is a generous fruit driven style with complexity, texture and good varietal definition.
Pale straw with lively green hues. A bouquet of freshly cut apples, peaches and grapefruit. An exuberantly flavoured, stylish Yarra Valley white, it begins with a hint of tropicality, driving an impressive array of varietal characters, melon and peach, citrus and grapefruit, rich leesy textures with flourishes of custard apple. Generously flavoured, Yarra Ridge unravels layers of fruit, the finish is crisp, with good length and a refreshingly mineral acidity.
Yarra Ridge
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