Brown Brothers Tarrango 2014 CONFIRM 2014 VINTAGE

Tarrango Victoria
Tarrango is a unique Australian grape, formulated by CSIRO scientists in 1965 after crossing the Iberian Touriga varietal with the humble sultana. It was developed to produce a light, fresh red wine ideal for enjoyment throughout warm and hot summers. Named after the tiny township of Tarrango in the Mallee district of northwest Victoria, where it was designed to thrive, the vines bear generous crops which ripen late, maintain a fresh acidity and soft grapey flavours. A wine unique to Brown Brothers, this fresh, sweet and savoury, light bodied red is irresistable when chilled.
The Brown family has been making wines from Tarrango since 1980. In recent years, a small amount of fruit has been fermented to the carbonic maceration technique, as practiced in Beaujolais and other parts of France, where berries are allowed to ferment whole and uncrushed. This contributes added complexity and flavour to the final wine. Brown Brothers harvest their Tarrango grapes in separate parcels when fully ripe and sweet, at a range of of ripe and healthy baumes. A portion of the components are treated to carbonic maceration, which are then assembled with other parcels and bottled soon after fermentation to retain the vital freshness of the style.
Strawberry magenta colour. Lifted aromas of fresh berries, cherry and hints of spice. Tarrango is a light bodied red wine, characterised by flavours reminiscent of red berries before a long, drying finish. Ideally served chilled, a refreshing wine, rich and juicy with racy acidity. If you've had trouble finding that perfect wine for Indian food then look no further.
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