Andrew Garrett Chardonnay 2008 CONFIRM 2008 VINTAGE

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Chardonnay South Australia
Andrew Garrett is fashioned to express the vitality of the ripe fruit whence it originates. A soft, well balanced wine with generous flavours enhanced by subtle oak, retaining the attractive varietal characters of the Chardonnay grape. Wines that bear the Andrew Garrett brand reflect a personal commitment to quality and many years experience. Whether it's music or food, good company or a great bottle of wine, it's all about taking the time to look after yourself and unwind. Enjoy Andrew Garrett Chardonnay with warm friends, cool tunes and hot jazz.
Andrew Garrett is committed to extensive, long term viticultural development and environmentally sustainable winemaking in Australia. The fruitgrowers and winemakers manage the vineyards with care and devotion. An ensemble of physiologically ripe parcels of fruit were sourced from premium vineyards to compose this stylish wine. Grapes are selected from good vineyards earmarked for their propensity to yield fruit of generous flavour profiles and consistent quality. Fruit is crushed and the skins are removed to amplify the bright varietal characters. After inoculation to select yeasts and a long, cool fermentation the wine is assembled and lightly filtered before bottling. Approx 13.5%
Pale gold in colour. A bouquet of ripe peaches before a palate showing rich fruit characters tempered by crisp, fresh acidity and just a hint of oak. Notes of ripe peach and melon, tropical fruits and citrus harmonise on the deep, elegant palate. The balance between acid and fruit, light oak and varietal fruit, is impeccable, the milky oak enhances but does not dominate. Refreshing and flavoursome, enjoy with seafood and poultry, pasta or spicy Asian. Enjoy life, enjoy Andrew Garrett.
Andrew Garrett
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