Rosemount Blends Traminer Riesling 2014 CONFIRM 2014 VINTAGE

Gewurztraminer Riesling
Rosemount Estate is enjoyed throughout the world, best known for its delicious white wines and distinctive Diamond Label. By blending components of the spicey Traminer with harvests of good Riesling, the Rosemount team have fashioned a richly flavoured and stylish young wine, suitably attired in a funky label that tells you it's Rounded & Zesty. This refreshing blend of fruits mates beautifuly with boldly flavoured recipes or ripe cheese. The essential easy drinking, fruit forward style for which Rosemount has became famous.
Since the 1970s Rosemount has been one of Australia's leading estates, producing wines that reflect a dedication to quality, innovation and style. State of the art plant and equipment are essential, but a traditionalist approach to winemaking is at the heart of all thing Rosemount. From modern rotary fermenters to computer monitored temperature control, the team have the finest facilities at their disposal. The technology however does not preclude old world winemaking techniques such as natural yeast inoculation and barrel ferments. Parcels of Traminer and Riesling are vinified, assembled and treated to a spell of tank maturation to soften and integrate the palate while maintaining varietal purity.
Light straw colour with lime highlights. A perfumed nose exuding a touch of Traminer spice followed by the floral lift of Riesling. Attractive and inviting bouquets, offering hazelnut and almond, rose and citrus blossoms, fresh cut limes and ripe grape characters. The palate is medium bodied, balancing sweetness with refreshing acidity. A lively wine showing juicy fruit on the palate with a touch of spice and complexity, serve chilled and match with crab.
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