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Verdelho Riverina New South Wales
An old world variety that's immensely popular with Australian growers, Verdelho from the Riverina is characterized by a delicate nose and soft, fruit driven palate. If picked too early, Verdelho tends towards green flavours, but too late and you get kerosene characters. The trick is to get the right balance, Warburn are spot on. Fermentations are aimed at retaining the freshness and varietal character. The finished wine articulates the sunny clime of Riverina, an invigorating table white, bursting with juiciness, crisp with wonderful textures.
Lively hues. Crisp nose ripe and peachy, pawpaws and tropical fruit. Clean and fresh palate, a remarkably well-balanced acidity, backing up the wonderful herbaceous fruit that drives this wine. Filled with juicy flavours, crystal textures, the lively citrus characters move to the fore. An immediately lovable luncheon style that's easily mated to most any cuisine.
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