Heggies Vineyard Merlot 2010 CONFIRM 2010 VINTAGE

Merlot Eden Valley South Australia
Heggies is an exquisite, though difficult to manage, single vineyard site. The undulating slopes, high in Valley Eden, prevent frosts from settling, such that the unique terroir is encouraged to produce remarkable wines. Merlot is planted to rocky outcrops where top soils are thin, resulting in a restricted water holding capacity which encourages lower yields, simply ideal for achieving great intensity of flavour and colour. Working with the challenging natural surroundings, the winemaking team try to capture the flavour and balance of the grapes in their purest essence.
Heggies Vineyard is harvested in small, hard won lots, the narrower sections and rows demand to be picked exclusively by hand. Grapes are crushed and a portion of the fruit is maintained as whole berries, components are vinified in small static fermenters and the juices pumped over skins four times every twenty four hours. Some juices are held back for extended maturation on skins, others are run to barrel for completion of ferments in oak. The integrity of each parcel is maintained throughout vinifications, maturation and the final selection. Batches are aged in a combination of new and prior use French oak barriques and hogsheads.
Deep magenta hue. A complex and powerful nose, bright pure fruit aromas of plum, musk and blueberry over complex undertones provided by French oak. Wild forest berries, mints, black cherry and jube, earth and cedar notes over a palate of rich chocolate and plum fruit flavours, supported by ripe soft tannins, silky smooth, a harmonious, lingering finish.
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