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Malvasia Brachetto Piedmont Italy
A wonderfully refreshing wine, perfect for all occassions, Riccadonna Ruby is made exclusively from dark grapes, a creamy, indulgent sparkler oflifted berry fruit characters. Light, fruity and easy to enjoy, vinified from parcels of Malvasia and Brachetto, grown to fine old vineyards in Piedmonte. Ruby's rich and effusive bouquet is intense with perfumed florals, the palate is satisfyingly sweet, deriving all it's natural fruit sugars from vine ripened grapes. Perfect with desserts, nibbles and cheese.
Produced and bottled in Italy, Riccadonna is not only Australia's biggest selling Asti brand, it is also the biggest selling imported wine in Australia! Riccadonna Ruby is made according to a unique autoclave process, which calls for initial storage in immense bottles to control the development of the wine. In this process the pressings are filtered and then stored at near freezing temperatures so that fermentation can't begin. Riccadonna make batches according to demand so that the Ruby can be as fresh as possible. Due to its low alcohol level of eight per cent, Riccadonna Ruby is an excellent wine for any occasion, perfect with all desserts and a must for any celebration all year round.
Bright ruby hues. The aromas are rich and intense with delicate overtones, suggestive of acacia, wisteria flowers and orange blossom. Lively flavours on the palate, stonefruits and dark brooding berries, cherry and red delicious apple, nuances of chocolate and rosewater,. Superb textures throughout, creaminess, a stylish effervescent wine, resolving on an elegant and balanced finish.
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