Riccadonna Asti Spumante CONFIRM VINTAGE

Muscat Piedmont Italy
Produced and bottled in Italy, Riccadonna is not only Australia's biggest selling Asti brand, it is also the biggest selling imported wine in Australia. Riccadonna is a classic example of the delicate and fragrant sparkling wines produced exclusively from the richly flavoured Moscato Bianco grape, grown within the accredited D.O.C.G of the renowned Asti winegrowing province in northern Italy's Piedmont. Originally known as Asti Spumante, Riccadonna is aromatic and intense, easy to enjoy and slightly sweet, a pleasantly fruity and food friendly wine.
The Piedmont region of northwest Italy has been producing Asti since the 1850s, Riccadonna Asti is naturally fermented and contains no added sugar or carbon dioxide. After crushing, the juice of the Moscato Bianco is preserved in very large bottles until market demand calls for a new batch. The juice is brought to temperature, and innoculated with yeast so that fermentation can begin. Once fermentation is complete, the wine is chilled, to preserve the unique fruit flavours and to capture the naturally occuring effervescence. Following quality inspection and taste testing, the precious Riccadonna wine is carefully filtered, and sealed into individual bottles, ready to enjoy. Alcohol 7.0%
Pale gold colour with a fine persistent bead, a character of quality Asti. The bouquet is pleasantly fragrant with inviting floral Muscat fruit characters. The palate is dominated by fresh, rich and flavoursome fruit complemented by a touch of sweetness. A marvelousy effervescent wine full of fresh grapey cahracters, the sweetness contributes to the roundness and attractive mouthfeel whilst the cleansing acidity is present to balance the wine.
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