Passing Clouds Sauvignon Blanc 2006 CONFIRM 2006 VINTAGE

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Sauvignon Blanc Bendigo Goulburn Victoria
Reams of Goulburn Valley varietal characters, a medium bodied Sauvignon Blanc, juicy with natural sweetness, yet dry on the finish, plenty of savoury personality as well as lively minerality.
Sheltered by hills of ironbark forest, the region around the Passing Clouds valley offers an ideal growing climate for premium wines. The tiny hands-on winery deals exclusively with hand-picked and sorted Sauvignon Blanc, carefully pressed and fermented in open vats. Totted up with additional batches of Sauvignon Blanc from selected Goulburn Valley growers, the grapes underwent the same traditional winemaking techniques as the estate's classic red Cuvees. A vintage beset with all the pestilence in nature's vast armoury. Low rainfall and no irrigation combined with well drained deep soils, have yielded a small a small crop of intensely flavoured fruit, impeccably balanced into a ripe and satisfying wine.
A clear wine, straw in colour. A fresh, crisp, grassy Sauvignon Blanc, tropical fruits and gooseberries give this wine its strong varietal character. Refreshing tastes of red and green apple, green vegetables and orchard fruit, the musky aromas wind round and round the fat, broad palate, moving from dry sobre, crisp elements to characters of wet, soft tropical fruit salad, nashi and passionfruit with persistent grassyness and minerality, it's very intense, ripe and clean. A juicy, vibrant backbone that's full of mineral and gooseberry clings to the mouth with clean flavours before a fresh, tangy finish. A pleasant wine, subdued in places yet abundant with regional highlights, Passing Clouds finishes deliciously clean and crisp.
Passing Clouds
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