Morris Old Premium Liqueur Tokay 500ml

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Tokay Muscadelle Rutherglen Victoria
This is truly one of the classic wines of Australia, a superb Tokay of real quality and richness.
The grapes are left to hang on the vine to concentrate in flavour and sugar. Hand picked, a partial fermentation, before draining, pressing, and fortification with high strength neutral spirit. The wine is then transferred to casks and barrels for many years of maturation, where the wine will concentrate in flavour and gain more texture and lusciousness. When blending the Premium Tokay only the best wines from the best vintages are chosen, all of which have won awards at major Australian Wine Shows. A range of vintages, the older wines bringing intensely concentrated flavours, rancio and oak tannins will gently impart an influence on the wine with time in the casks and barrels. Alcohol 18.0% Baume 12.3 Acid 3.8g/L pH 4.12.
Honey and butterscotch fragrance combined with oak and rancio. Concentration of flavours, smooth, silky texture and soft spirit on the middle palate leading to a relatively dry finish with lingering after taste.
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