De Bortoli Emeri Pinot Chardonnay CONFIRM VINTAGE

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Chardonnay Pinot Noir
A fine effervescence, lovely bouquets, deeply flavoursome and very, very chic.
Delight in the fresh sparkling flavours of De Bortoli Emeri and transform the everyday into an occasion of spontaneity and festivity. One sip makes life so very Emeri! Enjoy now, Emeri is the perfect aperitif just on it's own, or sublimely brilliant with fresh fruits, seafood and canapes. Fruit that's just bursting with delightful flavours from De Bortoli's best vineyards is harvested from vines that have been carefully husbanded to encourage full flavours and refreshing acids in the fruit. Grapes are picked and gently pressed, the juice is then allowed to settle naturally before being filtered. Emeri is warm fermented to enhance the fresh fruit characters and add complexity, making the ultimate wine quite exciting. Approx 11.5%
Bright golden colour. Aromas of fresh fruits, apples and orchard stonefruit, hints of pineapple and more tropical notes. Clean, fresh fruit and slightly floral characters with underlying yeasty, bread dough notes giving complexity. The fine bubbles provide a creamy texture, while the delicate acidity balances the fresh fruit. An immensely satisfying effervescent wine to accompany canapes and hors d'oeuvres.
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