Yellowglen Pink Sparkling

Chardonnay Pinot Noir
Named after a Victorian goldrush mine, Yellowglen today delivers treasure of a different colour, it's Pink! Yellowglen is Australia's favourite sparkling, with a soft rose petal colour, brimming with delicious flavours of cherry, strawberries and cream. Not just another bubbly with good looks, Pink is a well made wine, displaying delectable Pinot Noir and Chardonnay varietal fruit characters. Pop Pink open for that leisurely luncheon or sophisticated chicken champagne brunch. Enjoy Pink by itself, for a lively night out, or relaxed evening in.
Yellowglen Pink is fashioned from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, grown to vineyards which are specialized for the exclusive production of sparkling wines. After many fun filled taste tests and merry sessions of fine tuning, the Yellowglen team created Pink, a sparkling wine that's fruit driven, blushing and seriously satisfying. Pinot Noir brings structure and mouthfilling red berry flavours, Chardonnay contributes aromatic orchard fruit characters, while adding a measure of elegance and finesse to this colourful bubbly. Fruit is harvested off the finest Yellowglen vineyards, crushed and cold soaked to infuse the delicate pink hue, through a mix of new and old world winemaking techniques.
Soft ice pink in the glass, a delicate bead. Bouquet of strawberries with a splash of citrus bubble, berries and a hint of lemon lime. Ripe fruit flavours provide the backbone, a luscious mouthfeel and lovely length. A very pleasant wine for dining, dancing or relaxing, it's always welcome at any occasion that calls for fun and good looks. Have Pink with creamy pasta or crisp salad for a fun, girls only lunch.
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