Henschke Hill of Grace 1993 CONFIRM 1993 VINTAGE

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Shiraz Eden Valley South Australia
One of the new world's great single vineyard wines, celebrated internationally as much for the heritage of its ancient vines, as for the artisanal craftsmanship and skill of the winemaker. Stephen Henschke has retained the traditional approach to viticulture and vinification as employed by his forefathers. The key to the enduring success for Hill of Grace, comes down to the care of ancestral vineyard blocks and a holistic approach that has been passed down from generation to generation.
Henschke wines were originally high in alcohol and fermented to dry, due to the warmer conditions of the new world vineyards. Henschke's earliest market, required the production of fortified wines for export. Specialization in making fortifieds lasted until the remergence of demand for table wines, through the contribution to Australian culture by post war immigration. The Henschke shift, away from fortified wines laid the foundations for Hill of Grace, as focus fell on the ripeness and quality of its Shiraz.
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