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Shiraz Eden Valley South Australia
Exceptional Langtons Classification. One of the world's great vineyards, Hill of Grace is preserved through the efforts of Prue and Stephen Henschke, as they employ a regimen of traditional agricultural techniques which would have been familiar to Australia's earliest pioneers. The site was originally chosen for its auspicious mesoclime, it remains the source of the nation's most exceptional single vineyard wine. Shiraz grown to the pre phyloxera vines a century and a half of age, is minimally handled, allowing the outstanding quality of fruit to speak for itself.
The meticulous Henschke viticultural management has breathed new life into the ancient, venerable Hill of Grace vineyard. The original double storey cellar, built into the side of the hill in time for the 1868 vintage, has been added to throughout the generations. Now covered with ivy, the stone building retains an old world charm with its open fermenters and winemaking memorabilia on display. Grapes are picked early to mid April at a sugar level of around 24 Brix, there is always a good acid/pH balance in the fruit. Henschke try not to overhandle Hill of Grace by excessively racking, treating with sulphur or unnecessary fining, techniques which are standard practice in the production of rich, full bodied reds.
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