Henschke Hill of Grace 1988 CONFIRM 1988 VINTAGE

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Shiraz Eden Valley South Australia
Vintage 1988 brought a harvest of the most outstanding Shiraz to Valley Eden. A smaller yield due to spring frosts, the bulk of the growing season was long, warm and dry, ideal for Henschke vineyards. A highly memorable Hill of Grace, the grapes came in early and in superb condition, the finished wine was characterized by a spectacular concentration of Eden Valey Shiraz fruit characters.
The Grandfathers Block on Hill of Grace was established by Nicolaus Stanitzki in the 1860s. These vines were planted on own roots from pre phylloxera material brought by early European settlers. The sturdy, gnarled vines are dry grown and yield an average two tonnes to the acre, widely spaced at 3.1 metres between vines and 3.4 metres between rows. The one metre high trellis consists of two wires which carry two to three arched canes, yielding bud number of around 40% to 50% The foliage is allowed to hang down to form a drooping canopy, thereby reducing shoot vigor for enhanced intensity. In wetter years, the shoot tips are trimmed before veraison on the blocks showing any increase in vigor.
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