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Muscat Victoria
Zibibbo Rosa is an exciting new addition to the Brown Brothers range. Zibibbo means raisin, a synonym for the Muscat of Alexandria grape. The Romans are believed to have given the grape its name as they found its distinctive aroma akin to that of musk, and hence called it Moscato. A deliciously refined pink Sparkler which is slightly drier than it's sibling pale Zibibbo, while still sharing its deliciously fruity style. Rosa is a beautiful pale pink colour, showing lifted aromas of strawberries and summer fruits, and certainly best enjoyed now.
Zibibbo Rosa is fashioned predominantly from a clone of Muscat of Alexandria, a deliciously plump and juicy grape which can produce an amazingly wide range of wine styles, depending on the unique clone, cultivation, harvesting and method of winecraft. If harvested early, it produces delicate, perfumed, crisp, dry white table wines but if left to hang on the vines several weeks longer it produces rich flavoursome dessert wines. These grapes were harvested from early February through to late April at healthy levels of baume ranging from 11.5 to 13.0% Tank fermented like it's stylistically Italian counterparts, and bottled soon after the secondary fermentation was completed with an alcohol of 8.0%, a pH of 3.1 and acid level of 6.1g/L.
Viticultural experts have identified at least 200 different members of the Muscat family and several of these different clones have been cultivated in Australia for as long as grapes have been grown here. Zibibbo Rosa is a seriously aromatic sparkling wine, which announces it's arrival through a burst of effervescence and room-filling bouquets. On the palate this vibrant sparkling has characters of strawberries and watermelon followed by a clean fresh finish. This delicious pink sparkling is the perfect way to add a sense of celebration to any occasion. Zibibbo Rosa is insatiable as an aperitif with light canapes, magnificent with your favourite gourmandise, and extroverted enough to be served on it's own.
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