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Shiraz Grenache Sangiovese South Australia
Spicey Shiraz from cooler climes combined with the lovely plummy notes of the Grenache grape which thrives in warmer regions. Three Vines expresses wild floral notes and a firmer textured finish courtesy of the Sangiovese. A Rose that's food-friendly and bountiful with chummy pink characters of fresh cherries and currants, made savoury with a touch of dry tannin to the finish.
Jacob's Creek have assembled a deep pink Cuvee from three grape varietals to make the perfect accompaniment to foods. An immensely successful wine with each component playing an integral part. Early in the season, winemakers and viticulturists worked together to identify the vineyards which best captured the fruit profile that they were hoping to achieve in the finished Rose. Careful vineyard management ensured the grapes were in pristine condition, exhibiting true varietal definition. Shiraz delivers full ripe raspberry flavour, combined with the confectionary spice of Grenache, and the dry savoury character of Sangiovese, resulting in an easy drinking, light and fruit driven wine for you to enjoy. Approx alcohol 13.0%
The wine has a lovely vibrant pale crimson colour. The nose is brimming with red cherry, raspberry and a touch of floral spice. There are bouquets of vanilla and of apple, pimento and olives, orange peel and bittersweet chocolate, smackings of almond and of lemon. Hints of tangy spice, the wine is medium bodied with wonderfully fresh acidity, the traditional plum, raspberry, and creamy cassis are indicative of Shiraz and Grenache. This is very much in the modern style of Australian Rose. It is savoury and dry rather than confectionery and sweet, making it a genuine partner to all good foods.
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