Sarantos Soft Press Chardonnay

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Chardonnay South Australia
Sarantos Chardonnay is a wine specifically designed to complement and reflect the easy-going, relaxed lifestyle Australian's enjoy today. The criterion for putting this wine together was that it must have universal appeal and above all must be easy to drink. Fresh and approachable, it features titillatingly pleasant characters of melon, lychee and peach. Whether Sarantos is enjoyed with friends at Al Fresco styled cafes, or whether it be a quiet night at home relaxing, it's a Chardonnay that's the perfect partner to any occasion.
The winemakers looked towards viticultural areas that they knew could provide Chardonnay fruit to assemble into a soft pressed, vitally fresh, and fruit driven Cuvee. The lively flavours of good Adelaide Hills Chardonnay was a must, a component of Limestone Coast Chardonnay was added for texture and complexity. By night harvesting and using exclusively free run juice, Sarantos have produced a wine that's supple, yet full of vital varietal characters. The use of static fermenters, neutral yeasts and cold fermentation over a period of two to three weeks has produced a clean, crisp, contemporary style of Chardonnay. With only 5% French oak treatment, the desired suggestion of woodiness has been achieved. Approx alcohol 13.5%
Light straw in colour, with wonderful peach and tropical fruit aromas. The palate is dry and crisp with a clean elegant finish reminiscent of lychees and melons. With just a hint of acid on the finish, this wine is a delight to drink.
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