Cheviot Bridge Long Flat Chardonnay

Chardonnay South Australia
When Long Flat embarked on their winemaking adventure several decades ago, there was one ideal, to bring a range of the finest approachable wines to Australian palates while building a reputation for consistent quality. Every year since, has meant a search by the Long Flat team for the best fruit of vintage. A forward drinking Chardonnay in bright contemporary styling, its clean, lingering palate makes Long Flat the ideal match to chicken grills and warm seafood salads.
Light yellow hues. Fresh melon, nectarine and peach bouquets are complemented by butterscotch and vanilla notes. Stonefruit and crisp apple flavours dominate the superbly textured palate, punchy, peachy fruit, nectarines and fruit salad characters are kept vital by refreshing crispness.
Cheviot Bridge
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