Wirra Wirra Scrubby Rise Unwooded Chardonnay CONFIRM VINTAGE

Chardonnay McLaren South Australia
Scrubby Rise is a significant part of the Wirra Wirra estate vineyards. Originally bushland, it's now anything but scrubby, it does however continue to produce wines which rise to every occasion. Formerly known as Sexton's Acre, this Chardonnay has always been a defacto member of the Scrubby Rise range. Refreshingly unoaked, it's for all those who like their wine to reflect the vineyard, not the trees, just a celebration of natural Chardonnay fruit character.
Although McLaren Vale is at the heart of everything Wirra Wirra, diversity in the style of wine that's fashioned also plays an important role. It is however, the quality of grapes from the vineyard which ultimately speaks in the finished wine. Chardonnay is harvested throughout the chill of early morning, crushed and destemmed through an air bag press. Pressings are separated and the free runs are cold settled for up to a week, juices are racked off solids and inoculated. A fortnight of cool temperatures fermentation to complete dryness is followed by a two months stirring battonage on sedimentery lees to build mouthfeel and palate structure. Alcohol 12.5%
Delicate pale straw hues. White peaches and almond meal, lemon zest and talc dominate the bouquet, hints of creamy lees adding interest. Sweet bright Chardonnay palate, dominated by peaches, melons, lemon and grapefruits. The clean varietal characters are supported by crisp acidity, finishing bright and clean without the complication of any oak.
Wirra Wirra
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